The Eurasia Studies Society of Great Brtiain & Europe Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal affiliated with

The Eurasia Studies Society TESS-GB-Europe

The Eurasia Studies Society of Great Britain & Europe Journal aims to promote a wider intellectual debate on Eurasia and to share ideas amongst scholars and students of the region.

  • We publish interdisciplinary papers with a particular focus upon history, political, social and cultural studies
  • We publish in English
  • All of our publications are free to download
  • We can publish new articles within two to six months
  • The Eurasia Studies Society Journal is an e-journal only
  • We do not keep copyright on your TESS-GB-Europe Journal article, but you must inform other publishers that you have published with us previously if you chose to re-publish your article with them
  • We publish the TESS-GB-Europe Journal two to four times a year
  • We charge no publication fee.